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Our SUP Coaching & Instructing Educational Program is the international standard for accreditation of Coaches and Instructors in the Surf & Sup School industry.

Why become a BSUPA Instructor?

Teaching any sport, you need to have a professional and structured approach for the safety of your students. When working as an independent SUP instructor, or working within a SUP school, you also need to be able to inspire and teach stand-up paddleboarding to a high standard.

BSUPA’s Instructor scheme is a teaching platform that combines core technical skills to teach stand-up paddleboarding and inspire a new generation of stand-up paddlers to take up the sport in a safe and fun manner. The course will provide a recognised qualification to any individuals who wish to develop their careers, teaching stand-up paddleboarding in the UK.

The BSUPA SUP Instructor courses

The courses are delivered over 1, 2, or 3 days depending on the type of course, weather conditions, and group size. Importantly, over 50% of the course is practical to give hands-on experience of teaching. The course includes live teaching practice, boat operations and recovery, lectures, and presentations on all areas of SUP. Courses start at 09.30 am on the first day.

The various courses cover;
• Flat water,
• Paddle surfing,
• Group safety,
• Paddle technique,
• Rescue techniques,
• The BSUPA teaching method and
• Lesson plans

We cover safe falling methods; prone, kneeling and standing and the safest way to start. We cover tides, coaching in different locations, weather knowledge and effects. We also cover School safety management systems, session planning and cover the basics of planning a distance paddle and the basics of SUP surfing plus rescue techniques.

These courses include an in-depth BSUPA Manual and a BSUPA Instructor Certificate. If you don’t have a Powerboat Certificate you can now still qualify as a BSUPA Inland Instructor (with restrictions). All BSUPA courses are taught by experienced, knowledgeable, and engaging trainers and are a mixture of classroom-based theory and water-based practical exercises. There will be a formal assessment at the end of this course. All these courses will give you the essential safety and rescue skills, technical knowledge, and they will equip you to teach your students with confidence. From 2016 all Recognised BSUPA Schools are required to have a Level 2 Instructor.


LEVEL 1 INSTRUCTOR – Learn to ride

2 day course designed for new instructors to watersports to teach the BSUPA Level 1 Course.


LEVEL 1 Conversion Instructor

1 day BSUPA Conversion course for qualified water sports instructors


Level 2 Tour/Race Instructor

Two day Instructor course that allows a the instructor to teach – Ready to Tour /Tour Experience/Born to Ride /Born to Race /Born to Tour to students.


Level 2 SUP Surfing Instructor

Two day Instructor course that allows a the instructor to teach – Ready to Surf/ Born to Surf.


Whether you want to further your career or you’re just looking for a new challenge, we have the perfect course for you. See our selection of SUP instructor courses.


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