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    We have availability for all levels of Kitesurf lessons, Get in touch and we will talk you through the options


    We have surfing lessons available and ideal conditions on the forecast, get in touch and we will talk you through the options

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    We have stand up paddleboard lessons available which are suitable for all ages and abilities. Follow the link below to book your lesson.


    Coasteering at Howick and Coasteering lite session are now live and in full swing for the season

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Kitesurfing Instructor Training

Being an instructor is a rewarding job, and this course is the perfect way to become the ultimate kiteboarding instructor.


All BKSA training courses are run by British Kitesports Recognised Schools and recognised trainers. BKSA have designed their instructor courses with the aim of creating a standardised training route for kitesurfing in the UK. This means that the courses that we run are linked to a world-based standard, whilst also including extra training modifications specific to the UK.

With BKSA, the qualification has been structured modularly meaning that prospective instructors can build up to their full qualification over time by adding additional training to their core course. Additional training includes foil training, skin kite training, further safety inputs and much more.


Being an instructor is an extremely rewarding job and this course is the perfect way to become the ultimate kitesurfing instructor. The course runs over 5 days and is open to all kitesurfers who meet the pre-requisites:

• Valid BKSA membership
• Riding competency (upwind riding, jumping, backloops)
• Valid, suitable First Aid certificate (This can be completed with KA Adventure)

This course introduces the BKSA teaching scheme and the different styles of learning. It also looks at the safe and controlled teaching of groups, how to manage the beach for teaching kitesurfing and much more.

Following this course, you will:

• Receive a course completion Certificate
• Be granted full instructor status after meeting your post-course action plan
• Be able to teach within a British Kitesports recognised school
• Be able to teach up to 4 students with two kites on the water once registered
• Be able to teach intermediate levels, equipment tuning, improve technique, upwind riding, transitions and jumps


Kiteboarding Level 1 Instructor Training Course (ITC)

Our kitesurf Instructor Training Course (ITC) is a British Kitesports Recognised School


Whether you want to further your career or just a new challenge. See our selection of Kitesurfing instructor courses.


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